What Insurance You Should Have on Your Auto Not Required by State

When you own an automobileand it is registered in Florida, you are mandatory to have certain categories of coverage, Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage. If you have only these two types of coverage you have what is mandated by the State. You do not have what is known as “full coverage”. There are many who believe that if they carry the essential coverage, that is what they need – nothing is further than the truth! Brandon Insurance can provide you with further information.

Two additional types

In addition to the two required coverage by the State, there are two additional types of coverage which are believed by many to be extremely important to buy. The first of these two is Bodily Injury Liability (BI) coverage. This coverage guards your personal assets on an occasion your caused or contributed to an auto accident. An example, if you are involved in an auto accident which is completely or partially your liability, and someone is hurt, the injured person or persons can prosecute you in court. If you don’t have coverage of BI (as many people in Florida don’t) and the injured gain a verdict against you for damages they sustained due to your negligence, your personal possessions can be in grave danger.

Defend yourself in court

Additionally, you must protect yourself in court of law by hiring your own attorney with your own funds to do so. If on the other hand, you do have BI coverage, your insurance will hire an attorney for you, and they will also pay the injured parties’ compensations up to whatever your coverage limits is. Even if you were counselled that you are “judgment-proof,” meaning you have no assets that could be subject to a judgement, if you have no BI coverage, and you want to have a lawyer defend you in court, the lawyer’s fees by themselves could beover $20,000.00.

Now you can see how important Bodily Injury Liability coverage is. To purchase more car insurance Brandon FL will be happy to advise you.