Protect Your Personal Information from Being Use by Hackers

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Bitcoin tumbling which is also referred to as bitcoin laundering, or bitcoin mixing, is the method using a 3rd party service to break up the link between a bitcoin address that is sending the coins and the address or addresses they were sent to. Since the block chain of bitcoins is a record that records every transaction, mixing or laundering coins is serious for those who do not want the whole world to know just exactly where they send and stored their BTC, or from where they received it.

Mixing coins

Properly mixing bitcoins might seem like an intimidating task for those who are not familiar with bitcoin, but it is really a quite simple process that will only take a few minutes at the time for each deposit.

Reasons to mix

There are good reasons for anyone to mix their coins. There are new tools being built all the time to increase the public’s ability, as well as government agencies and private corporations, to follow bitcoins through the blockchain and track down those who used it.  It might seem like a total waste of time now, but eventually it will be simple for anyone – including employees, friends, relatives, and law enforcement to trace every bitcoin transaction you have ever made and know exactly where it ended up. The advantage is to break up this link between personal information and where the coins were sent by mixing them, is a method of guarding private information about you.

Mix method

Use this method for mixing up coins:

  • Bitcoins, or the ability to buy them;
  • The Tor Browser;
  • Generate a new bitcoin wallet, both via Tor and on the clean net.

It is recommended to use Electrum, but any client that knows how to use Tor will work. You will be able to use the and Tor’s hidden service to create all or some of your wallets.


For more information on bitcoins and mixing or how to launder them, you can find go to

Remember this is the best way to protect your personal information as well as your bitcoin from hackers on the dark net.